Types of Gambling Bonuses

gambling bonusOne of the best things about gambling is that you can actually receive free money for doing it. There are numerous online casinos that offer their clients a gambling bonus to encourage them to deposit at their casinos. Smart gamblers can take advantage of these bonuses to increase their bankrolls. Here is a guide to the most popular types of gambling bonuses available for players.

Welcome Bonuses

This is usually the most lucrative form of gambling bonus available. A few casinos offer players bonuses simply for signing up for an account in order to play their favorite casino game. However, most casinos require customers to make a deposit into their accounts to receive a welcome bonus. These welcome bonuses are usually very generous. They are usually somewhere in the range of 50 percent to 200 percent of the amount of a customer’s initial deposit into the casino.

Reload Bonuses

After customers have made their initial deposits, the bonuses do not stop. Most of the online casinos continue to offer bonuses on all of a player’s subsequent deposits. These reload bonuses are not usually as generous as the initial deposit bonuses are, but sometimes they can be very generous. In fact, many casinos offer players 50 to 100 percent deposit reload bonuses on all of the deposits that they make.

Preferred Deposit Bonuses

Some casinos will offer their players extra bonus amounts for making their deposits via the preferred deposit method of the casino. The preferred deposit bonuses are on top of any other kinds of deposit bonuses. That means that players can get more than one kind of bonus for deposits they make using the preferred deposit method at the casino.

Loyalty Bonuses

Most casinos also offer some type of loyalty program for their customers. Players will accrue some kind of points for all of their play at the casino. These points can often be exchanged for prizes, which include things like trips, electronics and cash. These loyalty bonuses are on top of all the other kinds of bonuses that the casino offers.

Read the Fine Print

If you are looking to boost your bankroll with a gambling bonus, you can see that you have many options. When you accept a bonus from a casino, make sure to read all the fine print. You may have to play a certain amount of money or time at the casino before you are able to withdraw any of the money that you have been awarded in a bonus.

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