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Best Online Betting Site

September 27th, 2018

You Decide Which is the Best Online Betting Site For You

Turn your passion into a source of income by joining and participating in an online betting site. The betting/casino industry is one of the few industries that has experienced massive development in the recent years. These developments have seen the local gambling platforms transform into online gaming websites for improved flexibility and to allow people over the globe to participate.

In the US, there are several popular betting sites but only a few of them are unique due to their excellent services, long list of games options, flexibility, promos, and bonus. In this article, we shall quickly review seven carefully selected betting sites and their features.

1.     Sun Palace

Sun Palace is an American-based casino that began its operation since 2002. With over 16 years of operation, Sun Palace has established itself as one of the top-rated online casino websites, featuring over 200 games including table games, video poker games, slot games, and blackjack.

Mobile compatibility: The mobile applications are compatible with both Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded on their website.

Deposit and Withdrawal: Once you register an account with Sun Palace, you can fund your account using any of the following options: Visa, MasterCard, MST Gift Cards, Neteller, and Money Order. Also, you can withdraw your earning using any of the following withdrawal methods: Check via mail, Check via courier, ACH Direct Deposit, Money order, and Neteller.

Bonus: Sun Palace also gives a certain percentage of bonus on your first funding and they frequently roll out promos.

2.     Casino Extreme

Casino Extreme has left its initial launch to become one of the best betting sites globally. The online casino is powered by Real Time Gaming Software Platform and offers dozens of game options including table games, slot games, and video poker games.

Mobile compatibility: Players can enjoy casino extreme games via instant play on PC or MAC or via the mobile applications for both iOS and Windows devices.

Deposit and withdrawal: Deposits are made via a number of channels including Bitcoin, credit/debit cards, and common e-wallets. Withdrawal, on the other hand, is carried out via channels like Bitcoin, ACH cash transfer, and check services. Typically, Casino Extreme is the fastest paying RTG casino offering payouts instantly.

Bonuses and Promos: Casino Extreme provide a cash back promotion + weekly free + tournaments.

3.     Las Vegas USA Casino

Las Vegas USA Casino is owned and directed by the Main Street Vegas Group and has been around since 1999. The online betting site has over 200 games to choose from and this is one of the reasons why Americans love to play this casino. The top popular games include video poker, table games, slots, and blackjack.

Mobile compatibility: the game is compatible with different PC and mobile devices, including Android and iOS.

Deposit and Withdrawal: The deposit options include Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill, and Money orders. Withdrawal is also made via Skrill, ACH and Direct bank transfer methods.

Bonuses and Promos: The Las Vegas “Refer a Friend” promo and $1,000 giveaways are quite amazing.

4.     5Dimes Casino

The 5Dimes Casino is another top betting site in the US offering live instant play. The Blackjack Classic in Vegas Live Dealer now offers a great added perk to reward loyal players and it is EXCLUSIVELY for 5Dimes customers!

Mobile compatibility: Live online gaming.

Deposit and Withdrawal: 5Dimes provides a secure and encrypted way of deposit via channels like credit cards, certified checks, money orders, prepaid cards, and even Bitcoin. Withdrawal methods include direct bank deposit, ACH and Bitcoin.

Bonuses and Promotions: New 5Dimes players will benefit from one of the best rewards plans online, the Reduced Juice Rewards program. Other bonuses include match play bonuses; cash back offers, referral rewards, deposit matches, and much more.

5.     WinADay Casino

WinADay Casino was launched in 2007 and has rapidly established itself as one of the best casino games providers in the US.

Deposit and Withdrawal: deposit methods include Bank Wire Transfer, Cheque, Maestro, MasterCard, Neteller, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Visa, Skrill, Neteller 1-Pay. Withdrawal methods include ACH, Bank Wire Transfer, Cheque, Neteller, instaDebit, Courier Check, Skrill.

Bonuses and Promotions: New players get $500 welcome bonus on the first five deposits and other promos as the gaming continues.

6.     Slotland

Slotland has been into the business of casino betting for over 15 years. So far, Slotland has established itself as a distinctive and one of the best online betting site in the US. Slotland is one of the longest working online casinos offering one-of-a-kind no download slots and casino games. At Slotland you will encounter exceptional, individualized online slots with Enormous progressive jackpots. “Here’s where YOU can undergo the finest slots online…!”

Mobile compatibility: Play Slotland Mobile Casino on your cell phone, MAC, iPad, PC, AOL, PS3, MSNTV, we support any browser in the world.

Deposit and Withdrawal: deposit methods include Bank Wire Transfer, Cheque, Maestro, MasterCard, Neteller, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Visa, Skrill, Neteller 1-Pay. Withdrawal methods include ACH, Bank Wire Transfer, Cheque, Neteller, instaDebit, Courier Check, Skrill.

Bonuses and Promotions: Slotland offers a total of $1,000 bonus prize spread over the first 10 deposits.

7.     Slots LV Casino

Slots LV Casino focuses on different kinds of slots games for the optimum satisfaction of the players. If you are a hardened fan of slot games, Slots LV is the right casino betting site for you.

Mobile compatibility: The casino online sets the ground for a great mobile experience given the fact that it doesn’t have a downloadable software. This means that the games can be played on smartphones and tablets without needing to install any new apps and we found a decent list of options for iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and Android devices. The design for the mobile site is pretty much the same but a bit more compact in order to fit on the small screens. Also, the gaming collection is not as big as it is on a desktop since not all of the games are compatible with mobile operating systems.

Deposits and withdrawal: Deposit methods include Bitcoin, Money Transfer, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, and Visa. Withdrawal methods include Bank Wire Transfer, Cheque, Money Transfer, and Visa.

Bonuses and promotions: Slot LV gives up to $5,000 welcome bonus to new users.

Win Real Money Online

March 9th, 2018

Casinos That Offer Real Money Play

win real money onlineOnline casinos have turned into a feeding frenzy for gamblers because they can play for real money, and the popularity of this has continued to improve how many sites there are. However, the many site choices have sometimes made it difficult to learn how to win money with a real game online. The number of options can feel a little daunting. Here are some trustworthy casino sites to play and gamble at.

The Sun Palace

When people play at the Sun Palace, they can win real money online. They have a rich selection of different casino games and slot games. Also, they have video poker and table games to choose from. All an individual has to do is download the software. Discover why thousands of people have chosen to play at the Sun Palace. New players will enjoy a $50 free chip to get started with gambling immediately.

Casino Extreme

People can win real money online at Casino Extreme, which has been powered by Real Time Gaming Software. The platform offered has a fabulous selection of casino games, and it also includes table games, slot games and video poker games. As a casino, they have a wonderful selection of games, and they can play it through Instant Play on either the Mac or the PC. In addition, gamblers can also take this game on-the-go with the mobile app. What’s cool about this site is how individuals can choose one of the fastest paying options because they get payouts instantly here. People can also participate in one of the many free tournaments to win big.

Las Vegas USA Casino

Play for real money at Las Vegas USA Casino. Individuals have more than 200 games to choose from, so if you get tired of one, you just move onto the next. This is the casino for the real US patriots. For international players, it will give them their shot at the real American Dream. People have no better way to go to play some of the best Vegas games and slots. Participate in some of the awesome programs like the refer-a-friend program to have the chance at a $1,000 weekly giveaway.

WinADay Casino

The casino first began in 2007, and Win A Day Casino has quickly established themselves as the best in instant play casinos. This site invites all players to join them on an extraordinary journey. The lights and the attractions of Las Vegas can be enjoyed in the online environment. When people join now, they will be on track with a welcome bonus that can reach up to $500 with their first five deposits. Those who join this site will also be given a $1,000 welcome bonus.


A casino that has over 15 years in the business, Slotland has established themselves as the distinguished and most trusted name in the industry. The company has had hundreds of thousands of people who have felt satisfied with their games, and the statistics on customer satisfaction have only improved with time.

When individuals play at this site, they can participate in the money-powered games and have the chance to win a jackpot of as much as $70,307 with a real game online. All this happens with a single spin. This casino has been one of the longest lasting, and one of the advantages of it is how people don’t have to download anything to start playing.

Slotland Casino has some of the most exceptional and individualized slots, and players have the chance to win some of the biggest progressive jackpots on the net. As a casino, the company has checked to make sure their games continue to be interchangeable, and gamblers can play from a variety of platforms like the cell phone, the PC, the Mac, the iPad, PS3 and MSNTV.

Want to know how to win money? Play at This casino is one of the choices where people can make deposits with bitcoin. Most slots players will appreciate the fact that they can choose from over 400 games. If they get bored from one of the games, they can always try a different slots game. The company uses some of the most recognized gaming software like Netent and Realtime Gaming for their 160 slots games. Individuals will also be relieved to see some of the most familiar and popular slots titles on the market today.

Searching for a reputable online casino is doable, and people have many good ones out there. Try to make a decision on a casino ahead of time before doing anything. People should make this decision in a way where they don’t expose their credit card information multiple times because this is not safe. While most online casinos are reputable, people shouldn’t take a chance on a casino that they haven’t researched well enough.

Online Betting Accounts

October 7th, 2016

online-betting-accountsThe fun and rewards of betting online are very appealing to many people. Having to deal with a complicated process of setting up online betting accounts isn’t so appealing, though. If you’re looking for how to setup and start using an online betting account, you’ve come to the right place.

Not all bookmakers are created equal.

In order to make sure that you’re getting the right service, you need to make sure that you’ve chosen the right kind of bookmaker. You’ll want to keep in mind that different bookmakers will have different kinds of withdrawal or deposit methods, and some even have higher maximum bets than others.

Also, some online bookmakers will have different payment methods. Many will take advantage of PayPal betting, which is seen as one of the most reliable methods of payment. Not all of them will use this method, though, so it’s important to understand the fundamental differences between each bookie.

For those betters who are new to the scene, it’s probably best to open only one account at a single bookmaker. For betters who are a bit more experienced, though, it’s better to open up a number of accounts with many different bookmakers. The reason for this is that you won’t be paying any extra to do this, and you’ll then be open to a number of different odds for the event you wanted to bet on.

Proceed to setup.

The handy thing about setting up new betting accounts is it’s fairly easy to get started. All you have to do is proceed to the new account setup area of the page, where you’ll have to create a login and a password in order to join the site. This is basically no different from setting up an account on any type of shopping site. If you have an email address, you can get started.

Log a deposit on your account.

There are many online bookmakers that don’t require you to make a deposit to your account at all. You can simply get started and check the different events that exist. Some bookmakers, however, require that you put down a deposit before betting. This doesn’t just have to be to benefit the bookmaker, though. Some places have a type of sign up bonus that allows you to get rewarded just for creating an account and placing that first deposit.

Of course, every online bookmaker is going to have its own set of rules and restrictions, so it’s important to take a look at what those rules are depending on which bookie you’ve chosen. There are also free bets that can allow you to get in on a bet for less money, so that’s another thing to keep in mind.

While these free bets are enticing for newer players, those who are more experienced might want to look into higher wage bets in order to capitalize on the fact that the return amount for these bets will be much higher than it will be for the free bets.

Once your betting account is created, you can look into making a deposit or a withdrawal, check what balance you have in your account, and keep up with your betting history. There are quite a few things that you can do when you’re accessing your account, so it’s important to see what those options are when you compare each site that you’re looking at.

Go ahead and place your bet.

After you’ve gone through all the steps of the account creation process, you’ll then be ready and able to place your bet. There are minimum and maximum bookie bet amounts that you can use, and you can also place a bet up to the amount that you have on your account.

Setting up an online betting account doesn’t have to be a hassle. Instead of looking around on your own to find the right bookie for you, it’s much better to go with a repository of betting accounts offers that will give you an idea as to how to setup new betting accounts.

Online betting accounts are a great way to have some high stakes fun with very little effort. When you take into account that there are now even PayPal betting options, it’s clear that there’s no better time to get involved with online bookmaking than now.

When you search through our list of online bookmakers, you’ll find not only bookies that you can trust but also a number of betting accounts offers that will allow you to get more bang for your buck and get the most out of your online betting experience. If you’re looking for a way to get involved in the online betting scene, you should definitely check out our site and find which online bookmakers will work for you.

Gamble Online Poker

March 25th, 2016

Gamble online play pokerAny online gambler knows just how quickly the industry has boomed within just the past few years. The gamble online poker industry continues to grow at a meteoric pace and it’s not showing any sign of slowing up. This may seem like a great thing when it comes to the industry, as a more popular gambling industry is one that’s more profitable for the gamblers. However, it can also be frustrating.

There are so many different sites to choose from and not all of them are created equally. It takes time to get signed up and go through the process of each new site. You don’t want to spend tons of time filling out forms, you just want to know which places will give you the best bang for your buck. Luckily, we’ve taken a close look at the different gambling sites available and have brought together an exhaustive list that’ll show you just where the best places are.

The most important things when it comes to online gambling are trustworthiness and incentives. The best online gambling sites offer lucrative bonuses and incentives that’ll make winning there even more profitable. We’ve gone through and found the most trustworthy websites that have the best incentives. Ultimately, you’ll want to do a bit of your own research to find the website that’s truly the best for your own gambling habits. With that said, let’s take a closer look at a few different options.


Slotland is one of the most well trusted names in the gamble online poker industry, and it’s a trust that they’ve earned. They’ve been providing gambling services for over 15 years. For as long as they’ve been around, they’ve never lost their competitive edge. They offer one thousand dollars for free to new signups. In addition to that, they’re running jack pots and promotions all the time. The games they have are compatible on virtually any device.

Slots.LV Casino

Even though online casinos now have a choice of many top quality software providers, a common practice continues to be relying on one provider exclusively. Online Casino takes a different approach, using multiple well-known software providers, thereby assuring sufficient game variety to please almost everybody, without having to offer an overwhelming number of games.

Most slot players do not need to be offered 400 games to keep from being bored, especially if they have lots of different kinds of slots to choose from, and the use of different manufacturers assures that is the case.

Since does use recognizable companies, like Realtime Gaming and Net Ent for its 160+ slots and table games, you are likely to see many familiar titles, along with some interesting sounding new games you will be eager to try. Furthermore, the games are conveniently organized alphabetically into the following categories, so finding the specific one you want to play is quick and easy.


How To Win Money Online

February 11th, 2016

3 Tips To Get You Winning Money Online

win money onlineAre you wondering how to win money online? With so many different online casinos and games to choose from, it can be hard deciding how to get started. Don’t worry: as long as you keep these three things in mind, you’ll be winning in no time.

Make the most of bonuses

The bonuses at today’s online casinos are bigger than ever. However, if you don’t know what to look for, you’ll have a hard time making them worth your while.

Most bonuses you see are going to be match bonuses. These offers give you extra cash based on the amount you deposit. For instance, if you claim a 100% match bonus, the casino will match your deposit dollar for dollar up to the bonus limit.

You’re also going to encounter no deposit bonuses. These are usually given to you when you first sign up so you can try the games. However, casinos can’t afford to give money away, so these types of offers are much more restrictive.

The most important thing to do is thoroughly read the terms and conditions of any offer. Make sure you know what the wagering requirement is for each bonus before you claim it. This is the amount you have to play through before you can cash out your winnings.

Check for other rules as well. Most casinos limit which games you can play with a bonus, so make sure you don’t play a prohibited game. The casino may also remove the bonus amount itself after you win (a “sticky” bonus), or even limit the amount you can win with the bonus. Avoid bonuses with these restrictive rules unless they are exceptionally large.

Know your game strategies

A smart player is a lucky player. You can win a lot on the slots and the roulette table, but your best chances of coming out ahead are on games where you have to make the decisions. This is why blackjack and video poker are usually your best bets.

The odds speak for themselves. Online slots typically return 92 – 97% of your bets. Good blackjack and video poker games, however, can return more than 99%!

Learning how to play these games correctly is easier than ever. Professional gaming mathematicians like the Wizard of Odds have easy-to-follow strategies available for free. Make the most of them! When you make smart decisions, your odds of winning go way up. With just a few hours of practice, you can become a blackjack or video poker pro.

Choose a reliable casino

The best thing to keep in mind for how to win money online? Choosing the right casino. There’s nothing worse than winning a jackpot on a shady site.

Thankfully, this is what our website is all about. As long as you stick to the casinos we have listed here, you won’t have any problems getting your cash when you hit your next lucky streak.

Real Gambling Online

November 18th, 2015

Real Gambling Online Can Feel Like You’re In Vegas!

real online gamblingReal gambling online has been gaining in popularity in the past several years. While the glamour of Las Vegas casinos continues to attract bettors, the times have changed and you don’t need to travel to the City of Sin in order to experience great betting.

Nowadays, real gambling online is available via your computer, tablet or a smartphone. Hundreds of graphically rich and advanced casino games have been developed. By visiting one of the many online or mobile casinos, you’ll notice a wide range of games available to play right away.

Online slot games are among the most popular ways to bet, and that is no different from Vegas casinos. What’s more, the online slots come with progressive jackpots which, at times, grow to several millions of dollars. Just like Las Vegas or any other major casino hubs such as Atlantic City or Macau.

Roulette games are offered as well. These can be played even on the go with your smartphone. Betting options are the same as at real bricks-and-mortal casinos, while advanced graphics make the game look and sound very real. And real it is. The payouts are no worse, sometimes even better, than at traditional casinos.

Why not play where the odds are better?

casino-extreme120 images welcome bonus

Up To $3000

Visit casino
Casino Extreme is an online casino powered by the Real Time Gaming software platform and they offer a selection of different casino games which include slot games, table games and video poker games. Players can enjoy the casino games via Instant Play on a PC or Mac, they can download a windows version of the casino and can also enjoy games on the go with the mobile

Find out why thousands of players consider it the ‘Best US Facing Casino‘.

Online Blackjack players won’t be disappointed either. In fact, a decent Internet casino will provide its clients with many versions of this exciting game. The same is with poker. There are even online poker tournaments where you can compete with other players.

When it comes to craps, one of the most exciting dice games, it has become a sure offer at any self-respecting Internet casino. Some places even allow players to chat with each other (and that isn’t exclusively limited to craps), so the Vegas experience is there.

Another game, baccarat, is also becoming popular. Once it was a game of aristocrats, while traditional casinos sought to attract high rollers to baccarat tables. Now, you can play online baccarat with as little as $5 or $10.

The online and mobile casinos continue to expand their offer. Online bingo, which can be played with just a couple of dollars, has become well-established. As a result, online gambling isn’t exclusive for the younger generation that is computer savvy. Even grandmas play bingo online.

After all, making the games as easy to play as possible is what the online establishments are striving for in order to attract more players. You don’t need to be a computer geek. Here the focus is on your gaming skills and having fun.
To make it Vegas-like even more, now online Keno is part of the lineup on offer. Moreover, some Internet casinos offer scratch cards.

What’s good is that once you open an account, you can play all these games from a single login. Most casinos have full online security and it’s easy to transfer your winnings.

Sports Gambling Online

September 22nd, 2015

sports gambling onlineIntroduction

Sports gambling online is one of the fastest growing forms of entertainment in the United States today. There are tens of millions of people that bet on sports every year. Many people simply bet for fun, but there are people that place bets in order to earn a nice side income.

It is important to use a credible site when betting on sports over the internet. There have been many cases of information being leaked out from these sites. The good news is that there are a wide variety of sites to choose from. is a great resource for looking up reputable casinos and online sports gambling. Here are some tips that will help gamblers succeed in the world of sports betting online usa.

Start Small

A lot of people want to start off betting hundreds or thousands of dollars with online sports. Although it is okay to do this over the long term, there are many things that new players can learn about online gambling that will help them later on.

If you are new to online gambling, it is best to start out small and only bet a little amount of money. It is more important to get some experience in gambling rather than trying to earn a bunch of money all at once. This will help you to become a better gambler with sports betting online usa.

Diversify Bets

Another mistake that many people make when gambling is to go “all in” on a bet. Although this makes for good television, this is not the way that a serious gambler should be risking his or her funds. The best way to reduce risk is to diversify bets in order to spread out the wagers.

There are always going to be unexpected events that happen in sports. Even if a betting line looks like a great value, it is best to not use all of the funds on that transaction. Learning to diversify is one of the biggest keys to success in the world of online gambling.

Learn the Basics

There are many people that bet on sports without knowing the basics around online gambling. For any sports game, there is a betting line that will show which team is favored and by how many points. There is also something called the money, and this will show how much a person can win if they pick a team to win outright instead of based on the score.

All of these terms take time to learn and understand. Instead of jumping right in, spend a few weeks learning the basics. This will pay off when you do not lose all of your money at one time. Sports gambling online is a growing field that can offer a lot of benefits.

Final Thoughts

Online gambling is a great form of entertainment for people of all ages. There are many people that bet on sports every week. However, it is important for new players to put some time in to learning the basics of the sport before risking a lot of money.

Play Online Gambling

August 31st, 2015

The World of Online Gambling

play online gamblingOver the past 10 years, the opportunity to play online gambling of almost any variety has increased exponentially. As the industry continues to grow, people are setting aside brick and mortar casinos for the chance to sit in their own home and play gambling online. In fact, there are now mobile apps that will allow players to play online casino games right from their mobile devices.

Types of Online Gambling Available

Regardless of what type of gambling tickles one’s fancy, there are more than enough online venues to satisfy their urge. If a player is looking to play online casino style games, there are literally thousands of sites available with slots and popular table games. Sports betting fans should have no problem finding online sports books that offer wagering opportunities on hundreds of sporting events on a daily basis.

If betting on horses is of interest, there are both online race books and dedicated horse racing sites that offer betting on race tracks located throughout the world. While these are the three most popular ways to play gambling online, there are also bingo and lottery sites available for people who enjoy those types of games of chance.

Advantages of Gambling Online

The ability to gamble anywhere at anytime is certainly a big draw for gambling enthusiasts. Aside from that, the ability to play online gambling saves players money by eliminating the need to travel to brick and mortar casinos. Also, some people like to avoid the hustle and bustle in live casinos and online gambling gives them the opportunity to sit in their quiet homes and do just that.

Another hidden advantage relates to the great bonus promos offered by many of the online gambling sites. In fact, most sites will welcome players to the site with a nice matching bonus that stands to double or triple the amount of money they have with which to play. Of course, there are strict guideline for withdrawing said amounts, but free betting capital still offers extra chances at hitting a big win. Finally, the player has access to literally hundreds of different games right from their computing device without having to move a muscle.

Laws Related to Online Gambling

The laws related to online gambling for citizens of every country vary from one type of gambling to another and from one jurisdiction to another. While horse race gambling seems to be legal and readily available in almost any jurisdiction, online casino and sports gambling offer a different set of challenges.

The gaming sites might be available, but the player might run the risk of getting caught breaking the law if they choose to gamble online in jurisdictions where that is considered an illegal act. Perhaps one day, there will be some form of universal uniformity related to legalities of gambling online.

Gambling is a great form of adult entertainment as long as it is done responsibly. The advent of online gambling has certainly created plenty of issues, but it’s nice that people in many jurisdictions have the right and the opportunity to enjoy betting from the convenience of their own homes.

Play Games For Real Money

March 9th, 2015

real moneyWinning real money is no longer restricted to traditional casinos and gaming settings. If you want to play games for real money it is now possible by joining to become a member of an online casino. Joining as a member of an online casino is a way for you to win real money playing games you enjoy at all of your favorite casinos today.

Advantages of Playing Games for Prizes Online

Becoming a member of an online casino provides a number of benefits that give you additional freedom while increasing your chances of winning gift cards, prizes and real cash right from the comfort of your own home.

Choosing to become a member of an online casino is a way for you to bet on your favorite casino game classics regardless of the time zone you are in and the nearest casino to you. Playing your favorite casino games has never been easier than with the ability to bet and win real money at all times of day and night.

When you are playing your favorite casino games at home it is possible to study strategies while having the ability to focus and remain concentrated, especially with the lack of surrounding noises, entertainment, drinks and distractions. By avoiding large crowds and overcrowded tables that are full it is possible to begin playing your favorite game within minutes and even seconds, depending on how busy the online casino is that you have joined.

Online casinos also offer hundreds of casino games and virtual gaming rooms to choose from to give all players who want to join the chance to without hassle and long wait times. With hundreds of casino games to choose from you have the option of playing traditional classics including poker, video poker and blackjack in addition to craps, baccarat and unique card games available at different online casinos. Reading the rules and reviewing hints prior to joining a game is also possible when betting in an online casino community, giving you the ability to prepare before you begin.

Finding the Best Casino Online

Be sure to read reviews, bonus options and offers as well as all online casino terms and conditions prior to registering on a casino site yourself. If you are looking to play games for real money with no deposit it is important to read and review all of the online casino terms and conditions available for players and newcomers to the casino itself. Not all online casinos require a deposit to get started, although many require a deposit if you are interested in seeking deposit bonuses into your account before you begin betting.

When you are searching for free money and you want to play games online that give you the chance to play games for gift cards or real cash, joining an online casino is the way to go. Choosing to play games for real money with your favorite classic casino games is a way for you to win cash right from home without traveling or making reservations ahead of time.

Online Casino For USA Players

June 23rd, 2014

How to find an online casino for players in the USA

online casino usa playersAs a US citizen, it can be hard to find an online casino for USA players. With the vast amount of options available, finding the right online casino to play can be a daunting task. Some sites do not allow US players while others may raise red flags in terms of security. Luckily, there are many safe options for American gamblers.


The most important feature of an online casino is its security. It is a good idea to use a site that has been in business for a long time and can be verified. If you are interested in trying a newer site, make sure to do your research before giving out any personal information.

It is also important to make sure that the casino you are considering offers the games you are interested in playing. Sites may offer various types of poker, slots, roulette, blackjack, and craps, as well as other games. Some sites specialize in one or two types of games and draw certain types of players because of this.

Before joining an online casino, consider what type of player you are. Are you a serious poker player or a casual gamer? There are sites out there for anyone within this spectrum.

Suggested Sites

With an enormous amount of choices available on the Internet, finding the right site for you can be a challenge. The sites suggested below are safe, secure and have been proven to work well for many players. You may choose to join one, or use this as a starting point in your journey to find the site that is right for you.

casino-extreme120 images welcome bonus

Up To $3000

Visit casino
Casino Extreme is an online casino powered by the Real Time Gaming software platform and they offer a selection of different casino games which include slot games, table games and video poker games. Players can enjoy the casino games via Instant Play on a PC or Mac, they can download a windows version of the casino and can also enjoy games on the go with the mobile

Find out why thousands of players consider it the ‘Best US Facing Casino‘.

rich casino USA players welcome welcome bonus

500% On 5 Deposits

Visit casino
Rich Casino – This online casino offers roulette, poker, slots and keno, blackjack, and more. The site offers a large sign-up bonus as well as frequent tournaments and promotions. Rich Casino also has 24/7 support via phone and live chat. It is a great choice for both casual and serious gamblers who want to play various types of the standard casino games.

slotland casino USA players welcome welcome bonus

$1000 Free Welcome

Visit casino
Slotland – If your game choice is slots, then Slotland is most likely perfect for you. This website accepts US players and is one of the biggest slot casinos online. It has a great reputation and offers excellent customer service with live support all day and all night. You are not required to download software to play at this site.


There are many online casinos which allow players from the United States to participate. Once you have verified the security of a site with the features and the games that you desire, you can jump in and join the fun!

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